Wednesday, February 16, 2011

some old "ruts"

I am learning and realizing that it sometimes takes so much to change a way of thinking or a pattern of living. We all get in our own "ruts" and stay there because frankly, it can feel so tiring to get out of it. Now, even though I know this really is true for all of us, I am just going to be talking about me. I mean, who really likes to be told how they are, right?? I don't! So, for the sake of having everyone read to the end, I get in "ruts" and I find it hard to choose to use my energy to try to get out of those ruts.

Yesterday, some of the women staff went over to OLA to train the caregivers how to properly use and handle some new cloth diapers that were donated. They use cloth diapers now, but they are just rags tied together. Our hope and prayer is that they will learn how to use these, knowing in the end, it will help them with less laundry, healthier alternative for the child and some further education on caring for babies and children.

BUT, we know they have done things a certain way for years now (including for their own children) and to "upset" the current system for a new system is extremely hard to do. To create new ruts is not easy, nor fun. I, being on the outside of their "rut", see it as such an obvious choice. All I see are the benefits. But, isn't that the easy side of things. The side that just says, "make a new rut!", "it will be so much easier if you do it this way!".... The luxury of being on this side, right?!

The Lord is showing me some of my own "ruts" and knowing some people in my life have seen these ruts for awhile now and have been probably yelling in their hearts, "make a new rut!", "it will be so much easier if you do it this way!", etc... but with my own life, I don't have the luxury of being on that side, I am on the side of "Please don't make me choose something different.", "I am so tired. I will try to change next week/month/year." Not as much fun, huh?

Anyway, so as I look at these women who are true definitions of a servant in my mind, and we show them truly a "better way" I have deep compassion for where they are and know that this change might not be viewed as the best thing ever, at least not at this exact moment. BUT, I do desire to slowly encourage and help them find a new "rut" and I want to be willing to do my part to help create one for them, to make the transition as smooth as possible. Because I know I would want someone to do that for me.

This photo on top is of Linda with Emilee showing some of the caregivers how to even handle, care, use these new super cute cloth diapers. They were very attentive!

As well as the new cloth diapers, they received new cribs, mattresses, diaper pads, sheets and even some new crib toys. This baby is Ogice, she is really enjoying the new toy. To be honest, it was really fun to watch her try to figure this new "thing" out. She is precious.

Then there were new changing tables and organizing bins, new wipes, etc... You can only imagine what we all had as new mothers. We tried to create all the tools needed for them to best care for the children. We even went through how to use the changing tables, etc... Overall, it was a fun morning. I not only love these orphan children, but I am growing to see the caregivers perspective as well, and it is not an easy perspective to behold.

I pray you might find yourself helping someone out of an old rut and into a new one, but your help is with grace and love and encouragement.

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  1. Ogice is getting so big! I remember when she first arrived at OLA. I miss her, and you! Great thoughts on ruts, it was very convicting! Love you friend!