Thursday, February 24, 2011

container fruit!

Good morning! Yesterday, as a staff, we all went to the Oasis Community Center (located in the village) with the intent to organize all the donations and items that came in with the container that SSE brought to us from the United States. I tell you what.... what a full day! It was amazing as we all realized what gifts had been given and the fruit of people's hearts overflowing with what they have to give to people who have not. It was a day full of blessing and good old fashioned hard work. When you receive much, there is much to be responsible for, and I believe as a staff team, we are up to the task. We are growing daily in our overwhelmingness with God's goodness.

The photo above is how my day started. I dropped the kids off at school and went directly to the village. Since I was able to be there earlier I had a wonderful time meeting with the Lord. And, of course, I love being out in nature, especially the nature I can view from the village rocks.

Then as the day progressed, we had lots of people willing to help sort, organize, clean and even start the process of giving away to those who live here (nigerians) who are themselves in need. I really had no idea how much it would entail to truly organize so much clothing! We were even willing to take anyone to help.... even little Daniel was put in a bin and helped organize shoes.... :) Yes, he is so stinking cute!

As we stopped for a great fellowship lunch, it was fun to see how the donations given and the timing of the container and the timing of all of us being able to stop our usual routine and schedule to come together to sort was God's timing due to the fact that as we are going through, one of our staff men, came to us with a need of a friend of the ministry (Beatrice, who helped with the block machine), his home had partially burned down and his two boys were in great need. Within five minutes, we had a whole suitcase full of items that were appropriate for them. I loved the idea of meeting such a need immediately.

In the end, we had lots packed up and ready to go to their appropriate places and things were organized and easily accessible to those who will need it in the future. What fruit!

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