Saturday, February 12, 2011

found wanting

I have been found wanting in the area of snapping photos of things of which I am participating. Please know though that John and I have been busy.

First to explain these two photos. At Miango Rest Home (where our staff retreat took place) we had a murder mystery party. Where I was not able to actually get a picture of just John and I, I was able to get one of our name tags. However, I was an excellent show girl and I am sure most of you can picture John as a convincing Elvis. Our two characters were in love and Elvis was going to propose to Lucy any day... :)

Then the snap below was of some beef that we had eaten while there. There is a butcher on site where you can purchase some of your own beef or pork if you so desire.

Some other things that have taken some time are John and I were on a dating panel for the Senior Bible Class at school. Will and Theresa joined us as well as a nigerian couple. It was fun answering their questions as to our dating journey. I think the hardest part for John and I was remembering honestly what happened over 16 years ago..... phew, the memory is the first to go, right? It was a lot of fun though to be a part of how this younger generation views dating and marriage. Especially in a culture that doesn't focus or promote it.

Then yesterday, Sami went to her good friend, Moses, birthday party. Her whole class was invited and she had a great time playing with her classmates. She was the only baturi girl there and it phased her none. I actually love these mom's in this grade. I went early to pick her up and sat there with most of them just chatting and laughing about our children and their age. I will miss this "set" of women maybe most of all. They have literally held my hand in this culture and helped me understand how things are done in "nigeria"..... for example... I was told when I went to the party that "this is Nigeria, you make enough food to feed the whole community, not just the kids. So, please, sit down and have a meal with us." as my friend proceeded to hand me a HUGE heaping plate of jollof rice, chicken, cake and a mineral. It was good, but they definitely don't take "no" for an answer.

Anyway, just some things that we have been involved in, culturally, yet no pictures to prove it. I guess you will just have to believe me. Have a blessed Sunday.

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