Saturday, February 19, 2011

leaving well

Good morning (THIS IS JOHN)
I know you all enjoy Cor's blogs, but I wanted to jump in and give a small update.
Most of you know we are leaving Nigeria soon. We plan to start our home assignment on May 2nd in Cincinnati. We ask for your prayers as we prepare to leave Nigeria. It is one thing to move our things, but another to say good bye and leave well. We have developed a lot of great friendships here (as well, our children have also) so it will be a difficult process. One thing that I have learned from my wife is that she "pre-processes" things. Meaning she really focuses on going through the process of leaving before leaving or finishing something. So when she says goodbye, it is without regrets. We really want to take the time to say good bye well to friends, co-workers, and ministry sites. We are grateful for the time here.
As we transition to the US, we are looking forward to debriefing and working through what God has for us next. In the past, I have always felt an urgency to move quickly to the next thing where God wants as if I might miss the opportunity, but Im learning that I have often put my timing on His plans. We are prayerful and are trusting God's leading and timing for what he has next. We lean heavy on your prayers so please don't stop. We know that we are in this together even if we are miles a part. Thanks for your faithfulness.

The photos are from a hike I went on this past week with Jason, Will and Israel (remember Israel is a director of a children's home we call RCH). Israel is a great guy and easy to connect with. We hiked about 9miles. It was great to be out in the bush with men I respect and enjoy. I kept looking for cobras, but didn't get to see one.

I have determined that if I am going to die in Africa, the best way would be by Cobra. I guess God didn't agree. :)


  1. you are ridiculous john. a cobra? we have already started praying for your transition.

  2. I have loved posts from all of you!