Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the fellowship of women

Can I introduce you all to my last nigerian bible study with the women who have held my hand, in some ways, while living here in Jos.

From the left: my mom/Eileen, Rose, Evelyn, Linda, Emilee, Theresa, Planglan, Juliana and then on the floor is Stella.

They have become my fellowship of women who I trust with questions needing to be answered, with a deeper understanding of living with generations of crisis, trusting God with raising children and with just loving and laughing and crying and praying together.

We are studying David as our final time together (at least with me anyway) and how God had David "rub shoulders" with certain people to become the man he became later known as "A man of God's own heart." I strongly believe that God wanted me to rub shoulders with these ladies because He had things He wanted me to learn first hand from these Godly women. There were things in my life that have become refined due to these ladies choosing to walk beside me in life.

I thank God every time I think of them!

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