Friday, February 25, 2011

exactly what was hoped and planned for

Many of you seen my blog and therefore have seen posts regarding the new education center in the village we minister alongside.

I wanted to give you an update to show you that this part of ministry is really going the "way you think it should." Most people understand that what you want to happen and what you plan to happen don't always happen, especially when you are working with individuals. I know that I am not the teacher of this precious school but it is exactly what we had hoped and planned for - orphaned children receiving an opportunity to further their education development.

The above picture is the six children in Theresa and Esther's first class (the two teachers, Theresa is pictured to the left). They are receiving their snack to begin their day. Theresa noticed early on some lack of attention and after further inquiries she realized, and learned that the students were hungry and not getting fed. She instituted a healthy and filling snack to begin the day and it has worked.

This last photo is of the first class waiting in line to use the restroom. To my understanding this has been a fun educational exercise as well, showing the village kids how to properly use a toilet. This first class is followed by another class with four students. It is nice to be apart of something and see it move forward in the way you pictured it in your mind. And by "be apart" of this, I definitely am not teaching and I didn't build the structure nor add finances to help this along, but I did pray and encourage and invest in my own way; therefore, I am apart of it and so are many of you. Thank you for your own investment in this whole process and for adopting the moments in front of you.

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