Monday, February 21, 2011

child labor laws

If you thought this blog was going to be about me speaking out against child labor in Jos. Sorry to disappoint!

This is actually just going to be about all the things my kids have learned to do while living here. We were joking this weekend with the idea of "everything they have to do". I asked if they felt cheated in their childhood, and yet again, they know no different, so it is good, right?

Okay, in all seriousness, I am not for children working in unhealthy conditions for too many hours instead of being educated.... :) (Just in case there were any real concerns).

BUT, I really do enjoy all the things my children have learned to do and are now apart of their regular schedule. They don't even flinch when asked to the laundry, or hang it up to dry on the line. They are also great at washing dishes, putting them away, cooking and filling our ice trays.... (that last one is kind of a joke, because we don't get power enough to even have ice.... but it is really cold water with a hard film on top :)).

I asked my kids what their favorite chores are to do. Here were their responses:
Sarah - cooking
Gus - unloading the dishes from the drying rack
Sami - cooking or helping me cook

It appears that when we move back to the States, I won't need to
cook or do the dishes. I guess that leaves me laundry, huh? Oh well, I guess I can do something to help out!

I hope you enjoy your chores today!!

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