Tuesday, February 1, 2011

baby Ibocuku

Part of me wants to say, "Here we go again!"..... But, that wouldn't be fair. I want to introduce you to a new baby at OLA. We met him yesterday while visiting the home in the afternoon. When I asked questions about him, I think the caregiver and I were getting our questions and responses confused. She communicated that he is five days old, but I am guessing he is not THAT young. His name is Ibocuku (eee bo choo koo).

His story is that his mother gave birth to him, didn't want him, gave him to a friend who didn't feel safe during the crisis to take care of a newborn. SO, Ibocuku is staying at OLA for only three months until the public elections are over and things have "settled down." When those months are gone, the friend will come back and get him and then care for him in safety.

Join me as we start another chain directly to heaven of prayer for another little orphaned life. The good news: he is healthy and already in the main care room (not the hospital), and God has perfectly knit this baby in his mother's womb and loves and cares for him more than we all do.
The hard reality: another little baby who is starting his life already with the circumstances that might follow him the rest of the days of his life.
Please pray for his life, safety and his future.

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