Monday, March 15, 2010


Lots going on this weekend. Lots of fun for the kids, some visits to the hospital and a day off!We went to a carnival this weekend. It was a lot of fun and fellowship with other missionaries. Gus used some of his tickets to go four wheeling. No joke, this guy went really fast. Gus loved every minute of it!
This is our friend Evelyn who just gave birth about two days ago to a little boy named Daniel (after the father). She is looking strong.
Proud father and son moment. We are grateful for his health and for the mother's health.

Another one of Evelyn and I. Two days ago, we went and visited and she was flat on her back and not really aware we were there, so it was so fun to see her and spend time with her at this visit.
Gus and Sarah wanted a picture, but Sami said the baby was too new for her to be near, she was afraid she would hurt "it." But he was small and precious.

While we were at the hospital, we not only visited Daniel and Evelyn and their new baby, but we also went a saw our other good friends, Mercy and Ibro and their baby. Mercy gave birth about 7 weeks ago to a baby boy named Abraham (after the father also) and a couple of days ago he became very, very sick. They are not sure what is the problem, but we are praying for their baby and for the doctor's wisdom. It is hard to celebrate with one couple and then turn around and take the burden of another couple, but we are so grateful for both of these couple's and the role they have played in our lives as a family. They are our friends and we want to help in any way we can. Join us in prayer, will you?

Lastly, we spent Sunday doing nothing as a family. IT FELT SO NICE!!!! John committed to not work, I committed to not being on the computer and we shut ourselves in and didn't really converse with anyone at all, but each other. When all is said and done, I love our time together as a family. I am so wired this way, and I do feel as if it is rare to have this non-distracted time, and we had so much fun, playing games, etc.... We are blessed for sure.

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