Monday, March 22, 2010

a little getaway

If people ask us what the hardest thing about living here, John and I would both say that there are not many places at all to just getaway. There aren't necessarily parks that you can just stroll in and to go to any hiking areas, it takes time.

Well, John decided as a surprise to me for our anniversary to take Monday off. So, he and I had the kids go to school then we went over to a nearby hotel and just hung out in their pool yard, had a lunch there in their restaurant and just read or whatever. I find it interesting because they didn't mind that we were there all day.

So, here are some pictures of our little getaway. The Lamonde Hotel and Pool. They also have a nice workout facility that you can actually pay a little monthly fee to use whenever you want. So, even if there are not many places to go to just "be", one can find with just a little asking, that if you think out of the box a bit, you can find SOME little getaways.

Overall, he and I just had a good time doing nothing together.

This is John just trying to relax (it doesn't come easily to him which is why his gift to me was super special).

Here is the restaurant.

This was our lunch. Pita bread with Hummous Kawarma (basically a spiced beef). I liked it, I think John thought it was all right.

These little lizard guys are everywhere. He came around a lot just to say hi. However, truly there are probably around 30 of them around this little area where we were sitting.

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  1. can u believe it's been 15 years!!! congrats! i'm so glad you had a little get away together...way to go john! we miss you guys tons...i'm still planting those seeds with chad about a future trip.

    thanks for keeping us all updated on this blog. it's so nice to be able to check in and hear what's going on.