Wednesday, March 24, 2010

fifteen years

Well, today is the day!! Fifteen years of marital bliss (okay, maybe not all of it, but still.....). I wish I had pictures in Africa or even on our computer of our first marriage picture. Truth be told, we don't look too different, but it still would have been fun to show.

So, below is the current house we are renting in Africa, fifteen years later. I still cannot believe we live here...

The next picture below is our house we owned in Elon, North Carolina, the last house we owned before being called into the mission field. Of course, most of you know it was Mexico we went first (that was anniversary ten)... I do miss this home. It was my favorite because of location. I loved our friends there, the creek by our house, the trees, no sidewalks, etc... I guess you could say we have downsized with each move.

And lastly, the oldest picture I could find of John and I was of just five years ago. So, here it is, sorry it is not fifteen years ago, but it is the best I could find. He and I were hiking (our favorite thing to do together). I love you John. I would love to write a tribute here on our blog, but I have a personal card for that..... I am grateful for our years of growth together!!


  1. Happy Anniversary John & Corrie! I was right, all the cool people do have March anniversaries...hahaha. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Anniversary. Mark, Luke and Ben missed Gus on this birthday weekend. Jake was the lone sleepoverer.