Tuesday, March 2, 2010

family moments

John's dad and his wife are leaving tomorrow. It is always sad to say goodbye to family when they come to encourage and bless. We are grateful for our time with them. We were able to celebrate Gus's and John's dad's birthdays this past weekend (they are both in April - yes, we were really early, but it was fun to do with Dale in town).

The other two pictures are just of our new outfits before church. If you can see, the girls have totally different clothing styles. They both were able to design their whole look and style and so here was the final result. Sami's has frills at the bottom and Sarah's is more of a chinese look, simple little collar and hemline. In the end, it fits them both well. Thank you Dale and Eileen for being here and loving on us. We are grateful!

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