Wednesday, March 3, 2010


These two pictures are just what is on my mind today. Today I miss my family. It is such a stark contrast between when this winter / s'more making day was taken verses one month later being in Africa and dancing and sweating and just enjoying different family.
Two worlds, two families, two days, wanting both......
It is a joy to obey the calling of Christ, but today it feels a bit torn in my heart.


  1. Thanks for painting a "real" picture of what life in Nigeria is like. Your transparency is helping Theresa and I prepare to join you and have days like that ourselves.

  2. We miss you so much too, Cor! I am thankful you have the body of Christ as your family there! Love you - Cheryl

  3. Real. Thats what I love about you. You are real. What is spiritual warfare like there? Is it vivid? Or hidden? Do you see spiritual bondage? Miss and love you

  4. We had a wonderful time with you in Nigeria...thanks for your gracious hospitality...and for being "real" in your posts and life. Grandma Leenie