Sunday, March 7, 2010

mercy party

These are our friends Ibro and his wife Mercy. They had us over for a birthday party for her (she turned 35). It was so fun to be there and to celebrate her life with them. It is always a joy to be somewhere as a friend, verses a "ministry moment". Not that those are bad, but there is something special about being invited as friends. We are grateful for them both.There was some grilled goat offered with a spicy rub on it. Through time, I am beginning to enjoy spice a bit more and more. I think I am turning into my grandpa Hamilton. I remember when I was little thinking he put tons of pepper on everything. Anyway, I think living in Mexico and now here, a little bit of spice makes everything taste better. For me anyway, John wouldn't agree.
Below is a picture of Ibro and Mercy's two children. They have a girl who is a bit older than two and Mercy just gave birth to a new baby boy who is about 6 weeks old. Even though Zizza (the girl) has moments of learning to "love" on her brother, she definitely has other moments when the "love" is more genuine. We caught one of those moments below.
Aren't they cute!!!!

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