Friday, March 12, 2010

field day

Today was field day. We are team yellow. To be exact, the Lightening Bolts!!
I was the team leader, and I tell you what, soooo much pressure!! Below is my team and one of the mom's who assisted me. It was a variety of 5th through 1st graders, including my own three. It was a fun day and in the end, we almost came in first!!! We were beat by the blue lambourghini's.....(sp?)

At the end of the day, the winners get to go down a waterslide first, then followed by the rest of the teams in order. Here are two girls (Gabi and my own Sarah) who were waiting their turn for the slide.This is my team in action!! They were great, but I am thankful it is done. This was sooo much better than the science projects, but still not as easy for me as coaching track. These little guys have a hard time listening. But they were spirited and very good at playing the events.

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