Monday, March 15, 2010

random pictures

Here are a couple of kids from OLA enjoying ice cream. I just really enjoy these two boys. Their names are Moses and Daniel. The picture below is of our water making system. We are working on a possible new one for our family, but for now we pour into a five gallon bucket a little packet of pur (a Proctor and Gamble product) and stir for five minutes and then let it sit for five minutes and do you see the gross stuff on the bottom, appropriately called flock? That is all the bad things in the water that we will then proceed to filter through a t-shirt of some sort as we pour the clean and good water into a clean, ready to use container. Sounds fun, huh?
I wish this last picture was bigger but this is of one of our interns this past summer playing with a child from the village. There are alternatives to video games...... Cute huh?
Just an FYI, it poured down rain yesterday for the first time this year and it was, once again, absolutely beautiful. It was a stifling hot day, as it has been for at least a month now, and within twenty minutes the sky grew dark, it dropped many, many degrees and it poured hard!! We thought maybe it would hail because it grew so cold. But, maybe next time. I was not able to get a picture as I was at track practice, but I hopefully will get one next time and send it your way.

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