Friday, September 4, 2009

a rhythm

I am sitting in my bed typing this at the end of a day of running errands, being at the school to help with Field Day (I am in charge of one of the teams), meeting with people re: future plans and I am overwhelmed with the normalness of all of it.  Living in Africa has become our life and as much as I never thought it would happen, John and Corrie have found a rhythm to being here, in Jos, Nigeria, AFrica.  Can you believe it?
I don't know if it is answered prayer for those of you who have gotten on your knees and prayed for our family, or if it has just been time, or maybe it was the challenges of summer and getting a "crash course" in Nigeria 101, I would imagine all three, but we are thankful.
I am realizing that us moving our family here and raising funds, and selling or giving away items of big or little importance, packing up into 15 or so suitcases was the beginning of the sacrifices.  I have such a desire to check it off of a list and then move on, but as living here has become our life, I realize that the move was nothing and the living life here is a daily commitment to sacrifice and choosing Christ over Corrie moment by moment.  The joy is the recognition that submission is good, holy, pure and pleasing to the Lord.  
There is need here so great, I can become overwhelmed.... but there is also hope and simplicity mixed with chaos and confusion....  yet I see Christ moving.  There are hungry kids at every corner, kids that need to know that God has not forgotten them and he has a plan for them specifically, discipleship necessary for true biblical conviction, relationships to be enjoyed and nurtured and as a friend recently reminded me, there is tension to be embraced and lived in my lack of understanding. 
I so much like our life here.  I don't want to move away (who would have thought that would come out of my mouth a few months ago, huh?).  Maybe the scales have been removed from my eyes, or maybe it was the little act of submission to working in the kitchen this week with my househelp and realizing it is good to be a part of a solution.....  But, I see a need and I want to be a part of the solution, whatever it may show itself to be.  
So, life moves forward for the Guckenberger family, I had a great time laughing in the kitchen this week with a couple of ladies, we had a family over for dinner for the first time this week, I ordered meat from a lady who kills a cow a week because that is how it is done and I find it a nice rhythm.  One I want to continue on and seek out and be a part of.  

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  1. Corrie, its so good to hear. Praise God for how He works so quickly in showing you joy in your life there. I wish I could sit at your table and hear all that He is teaching. Love you Corrie.