Friday, September 18, 2009

a good day

I don't have a lot of time, so I will make this quick.  Yesterday was just a really good day, you want to know why?  I walk out in the morning and it was beautiful outside, a cool breeze, sun and our guards are laughing and carrying on about something.  So, I ask them what is going on, just being a bit nosey... and they tell me they are just going through Scriptures and they are just amazed at some of the things Jesus did during his life on Earth.  
Then, the man who asked me about "what do you have to do to be a christian?"  He shows up and he starts going on and on about the verses in Matthew and Acts he is reading and then he proceeds to tell me and our guards that God is good and that He was given a picture Bible a year ago and he is just starting to get it and so he brought it over for our guards to look at over the next few days.  Then, I walk back in my house and a woman who helps me in our home, Juliana, she proceeds to tell me that her older son (who is 20 and she and I have prayed for him for awhile because he had fallen away from the Lord) has returned to his faith and wants to go to baptist seminary school!  She just kept saying, "God is so good and I am so grateful for Him".
What a great day huh?  At that was the first hour of my day.  The Lord just doing his thing, person by person, and the rest of the day I had an extra bounce in my step and so much excitement and energy, I just wanted to be a part of ministry.  Whatever God is doing in the lives of these Nigerians, I want him to be doing in me too.  It is contagious, walking with the Lord.  How cool is that, huh?
Honestly, when was the last time I got together with a friend and laughed and just enjoyed the marvel of Jesus's life?  I am so grateful!

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  1. Really Corrie, you do that with us every time you write. I'm not saying I respond so well but many others do. But I know what you mean. What a great day. Thanks for sharing. Jesus is so good.