Tuesday, September 29, 2009

and the community grows....

 Can you believe it?  It is the official staff of Back2Back, Nigeria!!  This is Jason and Emilee, our directors, and Peyton their first baby.  They have been gone for pretty much the same amount of time we have been here because they were in the states growing their family.  They have returned and it is soooo nice having them here again.  
When they came they brought of friend of mine and John's with them, Mary.  I would put a photo of her in here as well, but the ones I have, I think she would kill me if I put them in without her knowledge.....  She is joining us for seven weeks and it is also so great having her here.  She is a blessing and my kids absolutely love her and she is kind, caring, super flexible and willing to live with my cooking for that long.  It must be unconditional love, huh?  Anyway, it is kind of neat to see our little community grow again.  We are eating together, enjoying children together and just overall, learning to do ministry together.   
Tomorrow is Independence Day here in Nigeria.  the county became free on Oct. 1st, 1960.  So, we are going to another missionary friends house with lots of other missionary families and having a bonfire and we are eating all american food on this Nigerian holiday.  I cannot wait.... pasta salad, hot dogs/buns, potatoes, brownies, cole slaw, veggie tray and more little snacky items, fun hun???  My kids today, at school, are celebrating with an all nigerian lunch, huge buffet.  I think it will be fun for them to see what it can look like, really, verses our american style... Sarah had to write a report on the first nigerian president and so we, as a family, are learning lots about this precious country that God created.  They are off on Thursday and everything shuts down, again.  Lots of little holidays they have here, I am noticing.
Anyway, I don't really have any deep insights for the day, just little information facts.  I guess that is good as well.  I want you to get somewhat a feel of life here and I am not always as good at communicating Jos life, so here is a bit of it.
For all of you who really are following our life here, you can pray, the bible study with the women starts up again next Wedesday.  We are doing Beth Moore's bible study called Stepping Up.  It is a study on the Psalms.  There are 10 of us this time.  It is the same women as last time, just two more americans added and one more nigerian.  I know it will be challenging at times, but I also get excited about the opportunities for growth for all of us.  Anyway, have a great day.
God Bless!


  1. corrie, i love this picture of all of you! i'm sure you are enjoying your "new neighbors". i'm imagining you all there together and wishing i was there too. sometimes i can almost smell the motorcycle fumes from here. aahhhh, nigeria. :)

  2. Hey Corrie, John, Sammie, Gus, and Sarah! I miss you guys a ton and I am so glad that you are always updating your blog. It definitely gives me something forward to reading once and awhile. I just wanted to let you guys know that you are all in my prayers and I hope life is going well way yonder there over the pond. It feels like just yesterday Corrie was telling us that we'd be leaving, then we did, and now it feels like an eternity before I will get to see you all again. I am most ecstatic for when that happens!

    I have told a lot of stories to people when people have asked me about my trip, and when it is not about the kids we served, it almost never fails that you guys are my next topic. I have really been focusing on what it means to be a Christ follower, and more importantly to be a servant of Christ, and the one thing I find difficult is the 'stuff'. I can't tell you how often I go somewhere and am tempted to buy something for my pleasure, and then think of what you as a family has sacrificed for those children, for that country, and for God. It really helps me set that item back on the shelf.

    I can not wait to see you all in December, I would not miss it for the world! I pray that you all stay safe, that school is always challenging the kids in a positive way, and that you guys as a family continue to be amazing and do the incredible things that God has gifted you with!

    Luv you all!