Monday, September 21, 2009

playing in the dark

Okay, so this picture here to the left, has nothing to do with this blog, but you have to admit, it is kind of a cool picture.  Literally, this summer, we would purchase like 20 live chickens and then we would go pick them up once they have been cut and the feathers removed (which for the record, I know how to do that now -- ahhh, the things I am learning in Africa).  Anyway, I wanted to show you how gross it looks really.  But anyway, I digress from the purpose of this entry.

 Last night, the kids were playing in the living room (which by the way, we finally have a living room couch, yeah) and I was playing chess with one of them when John came in and started turning on the lights and saying that we have electricity (however they call it "light" when the power is on) so we should use it.  We kind of chuckled with the idea how much we have become used to not having lights or electricity or even necessarily warm water to shower in that when it is on, we aren't aware so we don't take advantage of the moment.  Instead, we just sit there in the dark, straining our eyes and dealing with the frustration of darkness.
John and I then started talking about how much we might live our life in the dark when God is there, waiting for us to call out to him and take advantage of his blessings and gifts that he has for us.  Or even think about certain sins in our life that we might not even call them that any more because we have lived a big part of our life in it, that we are used to it and have become numb to the "darkness" and not even know you are living in the dark vs. the light.
Anyway, interesting for us to see our family grow up here.  As much as this analogy shows it to be a bad thing, I am grateful that power and electricity don't make it on my kids wish list anymore.  They are off of school today due to a muslim holiday, today and tomorrow actually so they are outside trying to fly a kite with no wind, oops, so wind is today, on their wish list...  Oh well, we have a long way to go, but we are getting there -- wherever "there" is.
Have a good day with your light!!


  1. mmm those chicken look tasty! i would love to chop them up and cook them for you!

  2. Cor,

    Great post as soon as we get to TX we'll call and chat, now we're catching up on posts by "borrowing" a friends signal by sitting in the csar in their remember Joe & Michelle Walker.

  3. I just have to say...that is so gross. Your blog is so very wonderful by the way. It's sort of my "treat" to get to read it at the end of the day, when my work is through. I'm glad you're keeping up and posting a lot; you're such a good person to glean from.