Friday, August 21, 2009

One snapshot of summer

This woman here is named Binta.  The picture to the right of her is me with her assistant.  Both of these women are being persecuted for their belief in Christ.  Both of them shared stories with me that were beyond my belief that I felt I was listening to someone telling me stories of the new testament early church.  Binta was a woman who was muslim and converted to Christianity.  In the muslim faith I am learning that women are treated as property.  As she unfolds her story I am encouraged by her strength and confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ.  After her conversion she was immediately hunted and thrown in prison where she wrote a small booklet describing her journey from the muslim world to her faith in Christ.  I wish I had the space to tell you her whole story, but she, today, is a beacon of hope for many women who have left their old life and is seeking refuge in Christ.  We were with the Vineyard church in Cincinnati when we had the amazing opportunity to put a borehold in her small village where she and these other women reside.  Her assistant tells a story of all of these women sleeping in this big open room when in the middle of the night a group of men surrounded the house with the intent to kill them all and a "bright light and running water" is all they could see surrounding the house.  They immediately recognized it as the Lord and Savior, the true living water, and they repented of their sin and now follow Christ.  I am amazed at the great lengths the Lord will show himself as Shelter to these precious believers who the day we were there were able to receive a borehole of clean water, only a mere reflection of their relationship with the True Living Water.  What a privilege for me to pray and chat with them that day.
We spent the whole day as a team rejoicing with them as the process was underway of giving them clean water.  The last picture was just one of the ways we played with the village kids.  They LOVED the parachute!!  It was  a blessed day and I was so encouraged by them to be with them under the same Shelter and Lord.  Binta was found stating a lot, "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes."  Romans 1:16
Amen Binta, Amen!
P.S.  The bottom two pictures were taken by one of our interns, Zak, thanks for the amazing photos Nate!!


  1. Hey, I told you I would comment on your blog. So I know that's it's been only a week since we left and the whole Guckenhiemer family is still fresh in my mind, but I just have to say thank you all again for everything you did. As I have been finishing up 'Crazy Love', I know that I should be thanking God, but I'm would find it unjust to not atleast extend a thanks to your entire family.

    So I was driving down Buisness 1-27 that extends from my home town in Saint Johns all the way to Michigan State's campus. In the past 20 years, I have driven the route at least a couple hundred times. Well yesterday, I was driving from my parents house down that road to my house and I looked over and saw a church that I had never noticed before. Its name? 'Psalm 91'. I seriously was so shocked it wasn't even funny. Then today, I was reading Chan's book and lately I have been thinking a lot about what I do with my time and if it's in the best interest in my relationship with Christ. Page 145 Psalm 1 was quoted verse 3 and I couldn't help but think about the conversation John and I had in the van on our way to the Oasis house.

    Also, 8 of my photos from Nigeria have been selected to be displayed in the Governor's mansion for an art gallery displaying Michigan Artist's work. They will be up for an entire year and I since I will also be invited to be present at the grand opening I am hoping to throw Back2Back's name out there a few times. I have also been invited to speak at a church about Back2Back and everything they have been doing. If you have any information you would like me to know outside what I already know about Nigeria let me know. Exact dates and contact information for the Nigerian land kick-off would be helpfull. Hoping to get some perspective people for the Nigeria fundraising.

    I miss you guys a ton, and tell Sammy, Gus, and Sara(h) I say hi!

  2. what great pictures and words! thanks for sharing! it is always exciting to feel a little closer to your family when you write and share pictures! still praying.