Thursday, August 20, 2009

no internet and I am dying

Hey all,
First, I want to make a comment about Chelsie who played a new game with me the last week of summer, called ERS, and she was really good so I had to bend her fingers back to put me at an advantage. I say this because I didn't comment on it earlier and I don't want her to feel hurt by it..... hehehe Love ya, mean it Chelsie
okay, secondly and really what this is all about.....
We currently do not have internet and I have checked three different spaces in town that host internet cafe types of things and no one at this moment seems to be having working internet.... It is weird how out of it and disconnected I can so quickly feel. But in this brief season of no internet, it is surprising how much I am not distracted by it. I feel present when I am with my kids, I feel more peaceful when I am doing other chores because I don't have the opportunity to check my blog or see if anyone has emailed me....
interesting isn't it????
You might be wondering how I am posting this aren't you, well, I happen to have a friend who has this special little thing IN his computer that allows him to do this and he is graciously allowing me a moment to connect with the North American world.... So hello world!! You are missed terribly.
I miss the Ramos family that served with us, I miss every single intern from both terms, I miss the groups who came with fresh energy and insight and maybe a few yummy goodies as well.
But, I am glad I am where I am and look forward to our visit home later on this year. There is still lots going on and as I am reconnecting with frienships that started prior to the summer and it is strange to realize that I missed those as well this summer and it is good to reconnect.
So, to end, if you don't here from us for a moment in email or something, it is just because we are experiencing some technical difficulties here in Africa and we will as soon as we can.
God bless.

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