Thursday, August 6, 2009

a goat eating party

We have a group here at the moment from Cincinnati and last night was the last night of school for a children's home we  minister alongside.  We decided to have a nice dinner for them and then a ceremony of sorts to celebrate another year of learning and then the interns who have been here all summer awarded each child a "superlative".  Something that might be a bit unique about them.  Anyway, Ibro, one of our nigerian staff men, thought it would be a nice treat for the kids to buy a goat and grill it.  As americans we are like, "cool, it would be fun to try goat", I have a feeling that nigerians might find it a bit everyday.
Well, we find out that the goat we bought was truly alive and well and on a string waiting until right before, so it remained fresh.  Just the thought of it "baaing" was a little too personal for me.  So our grilling for the evening (a man who does this for a living, no worries) was grilling it when it was time for us to serve the children.  As we stood in line, I marveled at the thought of the pieces that were randomly put on our plates - heart, "private parts", one child even had a jawbone thrown before him.  No one flinched at what part they were eating.  Now after they were all given food, it was our turn (yes, we truly acted like white people at this point).  We were like, "can I have a normal piece, please".  Then to hear us describe what normal was to our minds..... hehehe.  Anyway, it was quite the experience and I am glad for it.  I am learning that my children are so different.  Sami (our youngest) didn't think twice about what piece she received and ate it all and enjoyed it.  Gus, (middle child) decided he wasn't that hungry and Sarah (our oldest) was all show.  She totally took her piece, made a big deal about it and then later I find Sami eating it.....  
In the end, it was an adventure, the kids were encouraged and tears were shed as we had to say goodbye to them (this was the last night for the interns to spend time with them).  The evening hosted a lot of  varying emotions which I am learning here, for me, is becoming a norm.


  1. I wish I could have been there. May we do this when we come next time? I'll buy the goat! What an adventure!!!!



  2. Not exactly chicken planks and shells and white cheddar, huh? :)