Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Landscape of summer

I just wanted to send a few pictures that characterized different aspects of the summer.  This one of the woman with the baby on her back, to me, it represents the burdens the nigerians daily carry.  Woman "backing their babies" while working in the fields or tending to the animals.  Daily living life and as a ministry trying to discern what needs can be met to "lighten their burdens" enough that they may hear and understand the gospel of Christ.I love the picture below.  It represents the longing of something out there.  It forces me to think, "what goes through their minds when they are not living their daily life".  I wonder what are their dreams, their aspirations?  Do they have any?  Do they even think, "what do I want to be when I grow up?"  I desire so much for our ministry to present opportunities to them that give them back their choices.  So many have no perceived choices in front of them and I want them to see that Christ is in front of them ready to fulfill all of their longings.
This picture represents fun.  The character of Jos's landscape are these big, beautiful boulders.  One thing that has always been important for John and I to pass on to our children is the beauty of nature and the amazing creativity of God to have so many views.  This picture reminds me of the fun in living and seeing kids hike through these boulders with flip flops and have no problems and they reach their hands to us.  It also reminds me of times our interns/staff/teams took moments to worship our Lord and Kind on top of these rock mountains as we "lift our eyes up".  
Anyway, I have been accused of sending no pictures.  SO, I am trying.  I hope you can see what we see everyday and I hope you can feel what fills our hearts daily.  God Bless you all for your ministry to us.


  1. Cor,

    Keep your camera in hand! What wonderful photos and glimpses of your summer. Your "eye" for photos is wonderful. Please keep sending them, their message is powerful. Each worth 100,000 words!

    As I viewed the pictures I ralized the fruits of your labors are many years away. I really appreciate your determination and wonder what you need to gird your work so your faith is strengthened.

    The photo of the children playing under the boulders reminded me of the "camel passing through the eye of the needle"



  2. So I'm not a speller, it's early here and I've only had one cup of coffee!