Saturday, August 15, 2009

"lighten her burden!"

Okay, so the house is quiet and I have so much I would love to write to you about this summer and I will, I promise.  Everyone is gone and it is weird.  But, at this very moment, I want to share with you something that happened to me this morning.
So, I was at this market area buying some food and as I was leaving, a woman approached me and asked me to buy some yams from her (She didn't speak english but she was carrying a huge load on her head and I knew that is what she was getting at).  I was like, "No"  this is a daily thing, actually a moment by moment thing here, people coming up to you and asking if you want what they are selling.  I didn't consider her any different than the usual market life.  But she walked off and I sensed a weird connection that maybe I should at least give her some money.  So, I looked at her walking away and she was sweating (I mean her load was huge of these huge yams) and her baby on her back was crying.  Not a horrible one, just a constant cry.
So, I get in my car and catch up to her and hand her a bit of naira.  Thinking that I had done what was necessary I drove away.  Well, after a good half mile, I sense the Lord was actually telling me, "Corrie, lighten her burden".  Ughhh, I don't know if you have had these moments when you really consider the thought.  I was way past her, would have to turn around in these crazy busy street and then would have to look for her and I was thinking, "if I don't respond, I am not obeying"  
So, I turned around.  
I am driving and thinking what does lighten her burden mean?
Is it more naira (cash), is it buying her yams?
Well, I finally found her and I asked her how much 5 yams would cost (which was a challenge because she and I don't speak the same language).  Eventually we work out a price that seemed high but, whatever, I want to help her with this huge load on her head and help her financially as well.  I am driving away and I am thankful that a little bit of inconvenience was absorbed in the thought of listening to the Lord's leading and hopefully in the future being more responsive to those moments.
Okay, so here is the thing.  I get home and find out (my guards helped me with this) that I was not only taken advantage of, but horribly taken advantage of, price wise.  I had never bought yams before so didn't really know how much they should cost.   So, what started out as obeying His leading became a bit of a frustration as I realize that I was "stooped".  So, I now just wonder what was it that was going on?  Did God really lead me to it?  Did he want me to fall for the oldest trick in the book.  Sell to a white woman, the highest price you can think of?  Or did I misunderstand her completely and just gave a bunch of money on accident?  
Who knows?
Well, I guess God knows.
I end with, and my hope and prayer is, that I followed his leading and I "lightened her burden" both physically and financially.  And I end with the idea that it is not about whether I got taken advantage of or not because it wasn't the thought of giving her that amount of money.  If I had made the choice, I would have done it.  It was the idea of being taken advantage of, right?  Well, that is just pride and it could probably be lessened anyway.  So, maybe this lesson was for obedience and pride.  Gosh, who knows?  
Well, I guess God knows.

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