Saturday, May 2, 2009

our first family guests

Good Morning!!  So Sami and I wake up this morning very excited because John, Sarah, and Gus are going to be returning from Abuja by lunchtime with a grandpa and grandma!!!  We could not all fit with all the luggage and people, so Sami and I volunteered to stay behind and get the place ready...
We truly are excited to show John's Dad and Stepmom where we live, how we live, what things we do, show them we really are not exaggerating on our blog the way things are here in Jos.  It will be so fun, but now at this very moment, I feel panicky.....    what if they get bored?  or what if they think it is horrible here?  John and I have recognized that our standards have been changing over the last few months and what if we recognize it even more when they are here because what we have come to see as "I love it" they see as "Are you kidding me?"   
Lots of "what ifs...."  which everyone knows not to fret about, there is nothing I can do to force them to see our way of life as grand, or that what we find pretty they need to find pretty.  As much as I know this, it is such a hard discipline to not let my mind wander in that direction, to the "land of what ifs."
I guess I should just focus on the relationship.  We love them and my kids love them so everything else, I guess, will fall into place.  Right?  Relationship, I can enjoy that!  
Okay, so since they will be here three weeks, I am sure my blogging will be slower because we are going to want to soak up as much of them while they are here as we can.... so I hope to keep up and we love to hear from all of you..... and this gives me an excuse to personally invite all 67 of you (however, I see there are some doubles....) to visit John and I and our family.
We would love to have you and I promise I won't fret on the "what ifs" I will just focus on the relationship!!  I will have had practice after our first family guests have gone.  We will have them be the guinea pigs......  okay?
See you all soon!  Oh and by the way, I must admit, we are looking forward to the goodies they will be bringing also......  but it is still all about relationship.... hehe


  1. ok i am ready for my visit. how soon can i come?! ok, maybe not now... seeing that i am still in school. but seriously, i am praying! :) maybe one day before you know it!

  2. enjoy your family. I'm a bit jealous wish I could come;( gasp, sigh. Praying for a time of filling up and sharing life together.