Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty."  Psalm 91:1

This is the theme for the summer.  Shelter, what does the Lord's shelter look like? If I dwell there, in his shelter, I am promised rest in His shadow.  What does that look like as well, to rest in His shadow.  I bet Christians might respond differently all over the world to these questions.  Above is a common shelter here in Nigeria, is this what they picture when they hear this verse?
Lately, I have felt so pensive, not very funny.  I want to be funny, I want to laugh and have fun, but there is something blocking the way.  So much on my mind.  So many distractions.  My thoughts are all over the place.
I want His shelter.  Not my image of it either, I want the real thing, and then honestly I want the rest that can come with it.  I don't want to settle for my fake imitations that last for a brief moment.  John and I were long distance in our relationship for about a year and when we would get an opportunity to see each other we would push everything else to the side and just "hang out" and "be together"  and then when Sunday dinnertime would show itself, I would get this feeling of let's go see a movie (something that would cause at least two more hours together so he wouldn't leave right away) or let's talk serious so we would have to finish it before he would venture home.  I would want to lengthen the time by any excuse.... you know the feeling of panic, so you grab on tighter thinking it will secure it and make "it all go away" whatever it was that you were wanting to push aside or lengthen, depending on the emotion at the time.  For me it was wanting to push the feelings aside of leaving John, and therefore wanting to grab onto our time together no matter what the cost.    I guess what I am saying is that could be my version of a false shelter.  Wanting to put something over my head to temporarily make me feel protected and "good".  I don't think that is what God's shelter is all about.  I know that tendency and I also know it has never allowed me to rest.  
So, I want to learn of His shelter.  I want to learn of the fruit of rest that comes with it. (Gosh, lots of "I wants" huh?  Yuck that is ugly in and of itself).  Can I pray my way into His shelter?  Is it a frame of mind?  I cannot imagine it being a tangible place, is it really just about relationship?  
Well, these are the questions I start this summer with and look to His Scriptures for answers and lean on the Holy Spirit for leading and ultimately look to God for it is Him that I am really seeking, ultimately, isn't it?  


  1. good thought provoking thoughts. How did your fast go? What did God show you? We are praying for you as you receive your interns soon then summer starts. Had an early party for Luke, he deeply missed Gus.

  2. Great questions - especially about praying your way into His shelter or is it a frame of mind? When you read about this, send me what you are reading (if you have time). I am very curious about this as well. We will be missing Mexico (and Nigeria!) this summer and just to step out of the matrix here and into life there. He's the same God everywhere though so we will figure out this shelter thing alongside all of you in Nigeria and Mexico...while we remain in Loveland. Praying for summer...while I can't fast with you, know you are on our hearts and in our prayers. I owe you an email back. I'm way behind but I think of you daily - my internet pops up with your blog on it! What a way to start my day. Love you, friends. Praying for your kiddos too...

  3. Praise Him.

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  4. Pensive=reflective=searching

    Sounds like your preparing yourself for the adventure of the summer

    I really love your writing.


  5. praying that you find rest and peace in the Lord. Thanks for sharing your heart. things are alright here... i am exhausted as usual as my days fill up with class, studying for my big cooking practical coming up, and looking for a job or further school opportunities for after i finish up here. miss you but with you in prayer!