Thursday, May 21, 2009

days of fasting

Good afternoon to all of you on the other side of the world!!  I hope this day finds you full of energy and ready to live!  John left this morning to take his dad and stepmom back to Abuja so they can begin their journey back home.  I cannot believe three weeks has passed by so quickly... so much has transpired and there is so much to say.....
But instead of sharing everything that has gone on, let me just share with you about the Esther bible study women.  We have met now about seven weeks.  I tell you what, let me just list the principles we have chatted about:
women issues
beauty: inside and out, how far is too far?
the mindset of the strong becoming weak and the weak being strong
our prejudices
defining moments
biggest fears and who are we if they happen
waiting on the Lord and how we know if we are really doing it
missional living and transparency
finally, how we are able to fall into the traps of satan in leading us to believe that Christianity is bondage and his ways are freedom...
Easy topics, right?  It is so interesting to me how our cultures can be so different but our struggles are similar.  There might be differences in how we dress or what we eat, but we still have the same heart issues going on, differing of opinions, real struggles, deal daily with sin, and trying to figure out how to minister as a mom, friend, wife, sister and co-laborer all at once.
I have waited to write more about this study with these women because so much has been shared, so many hard things, so much vulnerability and I don't want to get confused with my role in it compared to what God is wanting to do with it.  So, I have remained silent.....  But, we, as women, have decided to partake in a three day fast.  The focus and purpose for each of us is the same, yet slightly different.  Overall, we are praying for our walks to be a part of our daily decisions and we are lifting up each other in a way that we have not experienced before - that conviction becomes strong, legalism is removed, grace is freely given, and that we desire God's best for our sisters in Christ.
However, we are all going to be also fasting for more personal things, individually, that some things become right before the Lord.  A time of purity of heart and motive.  I am so thankful for these days.  
John is going to be joining me and he and I together are going to be seeking the Lord for this summer.  And truthfully, we would love it if anyone wanted to join us in this time of fasting.  We are beginning this Monday, May 25th and going through Wednesday, May 27th.  Honestly, we need prayer.  But, even if you just wanted to join in on one day, or if you wanted to join in but have a more personal fasting time, and not as much for John and I but for you and what the Lord has for you this summer.  I don't know, I have just started learning more and more about God's corporate body and I want to be a part of it. 
So there you have it, please join us if you desire, not out of legalism, but out of an earnest desire to be a part of this and for seeking the Lord and His will.
My kids know about next week, and they are like, "Man, you both are fasting, we won't get any real meals, great...."  It is so hard being a kid, isn't it????


  1. Awesome. I just finished a fast and not sure my body can do another so soon but I'm all about praying for you all. I love all that God is teaching you guys. Tell your kids bread and water for those days. Ha, just kidding. God blessed me in one fast and allowed me to cook for several meals one afternoon and not really wanting to taste any of it. I don't know if that is a testimony to my cooking or the power of God. I will pray that God will draw you into Him and show you the pans He was for you. How exciting. Love you guys and I'm praying.

  2. I'm in!! I've never done a fast for that long before, but leading into this summer I've been thinking about it...your post just reminded me to be faithful to the leading. Thanks for all you do and your commitment to seeking the's an awesome example for all of us!

  3. we are moving to Nigeria. have you ever tried to ship stuff there? any suggestions?

  4. HI friend!! I will fast with you and be praying for your ministry, the summer and groups, and all the details that make up your days! E-mail me with any other specific requests. Love and Miss you!