Tuesday, April 21, 2009

not much to say, crazy huh?

Hey there all,
I hope this blog finds you well.  I have felt like I have had nothing to share lately, isn't that crazy?  John was like, "Go running or something".  He knows that is one avenue the Lord uses to speak to me about life.  So, as I am running, all these thoughts come in and I think the entire time, but no joke, as soon as I am done running, they are gone.  I try so hard to remember and there is nothing.  Isn't that amazing how quickly we, as humans, are prone to forget.  Forget what God has done, forget what lessons I have learned, forget the reason I chose to follow Christ.  Life creeps in and we get going in our own pattern of living and things to do and I forget.
Today, I had my third time with the bible study (yes, a rhythm is taking place with these women that I have found comforting and encouraging) and each week someone else shares their testimony.  Each week, we end up tearing up in some way as we force ourselves to recall the moment of choosing Christ as our Saviour.   We all agree it wasn't for fame or convenient living, it was because we recognized we couldn't do it (LIFE) without Him.  And yet, how quickly we forget and get bitter with the way things are or how things look....or we become frustrated when God does something that is not in our frame or box we have chosen to put him in.  Instead of breaking our box and choosing to recognize God is bigger than what we are willing to think, we become bitter because He hasn't "performed" in the way we thought He should or would.  These women are strong, fearless living women who have all had very hard circumstances in their lives and we were praying today that we won't forget in the midst of daily living that God has saved us from a wretched ending and we are thankful and He is good, even if we don't understand.
I don't know, I guess I just want to fight forgetting.  Can I do that even though I am getting older?  


  1. YES we definitely have to fight forgetting - that's why journaling (for those of us older than you :) is important. Of course, you young "folk" can use blogging for the same thing. Sometimes it is helpful just to read through all the answers to prayer - even the simple things like a full night's sleep after days of interrupted sleep. Or that while both the dishwasher and the dryer broke within 48 hours of each other - how blessed I am that the LORD waited until hubby came home for those things to happen!

    I finish ESTHER this week! I could almost start it again but I know I must press on!

  2. I have this idea that always starts well each year and wanes as the year goes on to help me remember what God has done each year. We have a tin that we write down monthly or whenever something comes up things that God has done. Then for New Years we take those things out and recall all that God has done in our lives. Thanks for sharing and I am praying that God allows you to remember. Perhaps those were things just for you at this time? Who knows. Had a CAbi sale this week. Missed you. like always. PS Luke told me a Gus story the other day, I love how he continues to process missing him

  3. Hi Corrie, I am not sure if you remember me, but God has been calling you to my mind and heart so much this last week that I had to "google" you and I came to your blog. We worked together at Alois in Cincinnati in '98. I knew that you would be following God's calling, but had no idea that would have led me to find you in Africa. I'm not surprised. Christ always beamed through you at work. I will add you and your family to my prayers and look forward with great anticipation for the good work that Christ is doing through you and John and the kids. God Bless you. Shelley (formerly Murphy) Hicks

  4. Cor,

    It's not forgetting that gets harder as we age, its remembering! Once again you have blessed me with your witness. See you in ten days.



  5. Hey! Don't be afraid to ask Dean for his architectural services if you ever need them! I'm officially volunteering him :) And I know he'd be happy to help. I could draw the smoke coming out of the chimney or something too!

  6. thanks for your thoughts, even when you thought you had none! i was thinking about that yesterday actually as i was swimming (funny how God can use physical activities to make us think about him). as graduation slowly approaches and i feel as if over the past 2 yrs i have moved in and out of school to charlotte, to visits back home, and other places, and friends constantly coming and then going... well it all seems a bit of a blur. i am so anxious to get out of this place that i must be careful because i dont want to forget what God is teaching me and has been teaching me in the process. ok thats my thoughts on your thoughts! oh and i start a new class tomorrow... ugh, those first day jitters again! i am on the protein station which means that i take care of cooking a fabricating all the meat, which makes me very nervous! miss you.