Thursday, April 9, 2009

the dead squirrel

I have started the huge undertaking of praying for summer and all the ways ministry can and will take place here in Jos and I started thinking about how God will want all honor and glory to go to Him.  It took me back to walking with my kids in OH when they were real young, before MX, and oh gosh, before NC.  Anyway, Sami and Gus must have been in a double stroller as Sarah (now 10) and I were chatting about the things we were observing along the path we were strolling upon.  We came up to a dead squirrel that had been shoved to the side of the road.  It laid there, unmoving, between the road and the sidewalk.  Sarah, in desperation ran up to it and exclaimed, "We need to take this to daddy, he can fix anything!"  My first thought was how cute she was believing her dad can make all things better, even something dead didn't cast doubt on what her Father could do.  But, as I was looking at her, it took on a newer meaning for me.  If we went to our Father with the same lack of doubt, knowing, he would move the unmovable, how amazing life could look from our eyes.  She knew John could fix it.  Do I know my heavenly Father will take care of this summer?  Do I truly know my Father will take care of this summer?  Yes, I truly know God will take care of this summer.  He will fix the dead squirrel.....
What makes me even think, now, in a newer meaning still yet coming, if John would have fixed the dead squirrel, nothing in Sarah would have thought to have taken any credit for it.  It wouldn't have even crossed her mind that if she was playing with that squirrel later on to tell it how great she was at finding it dead and that she did a terrific job running to the Father.... it wouldn't have been a thought.  BUT, as I pray, I already know I am trying to find significance in it so I have something to share with others on the other side of summer.  Ultimately, I will because God always leaves stories for us to share, but not ones about me, but about Him.  Those are the stories I want to be communicating.....   I had nothing to do with the dead squirrel, all I did was happen upon it. 


  1. Cor,

    I remember Julie saying the same thing. What confidence children have in their fathers pointing to the confidence due our Father. Your story is marvelous especially as we come to the greatest day in our life as Christians, Easter.

    You are right on. It is not an anology but a point to the truth. You're witness is absolutely amazing. We leave in 21 days! But who's counting. We are so excited about coming.


    Pop & Eileen

  2. God established marriage and family way back in the garden, before any of our man-made institutions. And for reasons, that HE alone knows, the Trinity has a Father-Son relationship, so I have to believe that our earthly fathers are to be agents of God - representing in a small tangible form an "image" of Our Abba Father. I am so thankful that I have that type of father, that my children have that type of father, that YOUR children have that type of father, and I am doubly blessed to have that type of father-in-law. Some people go through their whole life waiting for the love of their dad - yet I am blessed with both a dad and a dad-in-law who love me.

    Your children are blessed to have a father they believe in - it will help them to believe in OUR HEAVENLY Father so much the more.

  3. A blessed and holy Easter to all of you halfway around the world!

  4. corrie, i love this story! how fun that God brought it to your mind, and you shared it with us so eloquently. thanks too, for your honesty about motives and sometimes wanting to steal a little glory from God...we all struggle with that, but don't often volunteer that information about our hearts- how challenging that you are so real and open...i have always loved that about you!!! HAPPY EASTER, friend