Monday, April 20, 2009


Sami brought home an insect book from school the other day.  It had some true or false questions in several of the chapters.  We all really enjoyed one that went something like this one.
Answer: TRUE.  The Tumbu fly lives on the African continent (yes, this includes Nigeria) and is known primarily for its maggots that burrow and eat into human flesh.  These maggots are affectionately called mango worms.   I think Corrie has shared about the mango worms before, but we thought it was fun to know that all our moms were wrong when they said that,  " a little fly wont hurt you".  Now we know that here in Nigeria they can hurt you.  The most common way to get the mango worm is to wear clothes that are not fully dry.  So we are very careful to watch this when doing laundry.   We do know people who h
ave had to deal with these here, so we are really, really careful.

I wanted to give everyone an update on the property.  The EMI team that cam
e in March did a great job launching the design for the master plan of the property.   The team of engineers, surveyors and architects collected information from the site and from us to help design a host village that will work to serve visiting groups and our ministry here in Jos. 
 The preliminary site master plan really displays how Back2Back and SSE will utilize the property.  We are still in the early phases, but this team will continue to work on the design in the US.  Our hope is to have working drawings sometime this fall.  Please pray for these people as all 
of them are doing this on a volunteer basis and have daytime jobs as well.  We are so grateful for their ministry to us.  Also, please pray for wisdom as we take the design to the next level and begin to estimate the cost of the project.  
This photo is of the village where we are going to build.  The man in the black shirt is the "chairman" of the village.  The other two men work for SSE
 as security. 
I know this was not a deep running thought from Corrie, but I wanted to write something. Unlike Corrie's, my running experiences are spent dodging the achabas (motorcylce taxis) which consumes most of my thoughts.  We are so grateful to each of you for following this blog and continuing to pray for what God is doing here with us.  We are learning a ton.  We are looking diligently for a family vehicle and hope to get one soon.  This has been an experience to say the least.  Pray that we find one that meets the needs of our family.  Thanks, JOHN.


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  1. John - The "science" lesson had some real depth - not necessarily what I should be reading before retiring, but educational nonetheless.

    How encouraging to hear about the "team"'s work there -- will continue to pray for their discernment.

    All are well here - praying for you all!