Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Out of Practice

It is weird to find that my thoughts seem clear in my mind yet while trying to put "pen to paper" they are sounding all jumbled...

I do remember the days in which my typing came freely and very fluidly...  I guess you really can get out of practice with something.  It is such a bummer to me that they older I get the more quickly I can become out of practice with something...

1.  Journaling to the Lord
2. Spending set aside time with the Lord
3. Eating healthy...  not that it ever was a practice, but man I can be in a good stride and one day will feel as if I have to start all over with healthy choices
4. Reading for the sake of learning and growing
5. purposefully serving my husband 
6. Surprising my kids with things they love for no reason
7. Debriefing a group of people about what God is doing in them and through them
8. having insignificant talk with people, just for the sake of getting to know them and building a relationship
9.  okay, you get the idea, I can go on and on...

Today, I rely on you Lord...  the author and perfecter of my faith!  Thank you for never being out of practice with anything!

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