Thursday, December 12, 2013

Expressions of Relationship

Good morning,

So, I was talking with a friend recently about spending time with God.  I remember saying that He will provide what you need when you need it.  He sees the "bigger picture" and allows seasons to come and go when "time" with Him is evident.

I think I was wrong on many levels with this... first I looked at spending time with God as something that helps us grow and that he doesn't always use that "time" to grow us...  Truth is, spending time with Him doesn't help us grow at all.  Only the Holy Spirit can do that.

BUT, what I am learning is that prayer, "time" in the Bible, worship in its various forms is an expression of His grace that He has already given us.  The idea that He - GOD of the universe, the Alpha and Omega, the Omniscient, let me go on... - has given us outlets to be with Him.  To go deeper into our relationship (our restored relationship by the way thanks to Him)!  If I soak that in, I am overwhelmed by this opportunity.

It's as if someone just told me I could eat a chocolate lava cake everyday with my best friend with only getting slimmer each time I partake in this practice (I know, totally lame analogy, but I was putting into my worldly, fleshly terms).  :)

I found the following paragraph in this Bible Study I am doing right now:
" In a sense, all the disciplines are forms of worship - ways to acknowledge that we serve a great God, to recognize God's "worth-ship". and to draw closer to Him.  They get us out of our own way so we can see and appreciate God for who He is.  By engaging in these practices, we declare that God is God and we aren't. "
I am brought back to the earlier conversation with my friend.  We don't have to spend time with God, but man, we are going to spend eternity with Him... I cannot imagine that being fun if I didn't think it would be fun here, right??

I hope today, whoever is out there or whoever is not out there, I hope you find ways to just kind of waste time with God!  Have fun!

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