Friday, October 30, 2009

Multi Cultural Day in Nigeria

Can you see my children below?  Hehehe....

Today was Multi Cultural Day at the Kids school.  I think it is their version of a fall festival.  No hayride or candy or dunking for apples or pumpkin patches or hot cocoa, but it was fun anyway.  It started off with all of the children wearing their home country's clothing (whether it be a president, sports figure, colors, etc...) and then their was a presentation of different songs and dramas representing all of the countries present.  Then afterwards we saw some Tiv dancers.  They are dancers that represent a specific tribe here in Nigeria.  There are a lot of tribes and villages within the Jos area.  At lunch, each child in each grade brought a food that represented their home country.  It was kind of fun because when I asked my kids what foods they wanted to bring, Samantha and Sarah immediately asked for Mexican foods.  By the way, both girls also chose to dress up in Mexican clothing too.  Gus, I guess is my only american boy.... Anyway, Sarah made Quesadillas, Samantha made Pica de Gallo with tostadas and Gus asked for Banana Bread.  They then had to explain how each one was made and why they chose it.  
Mary and I went and thoroughly enjoyed all the food options presented before us.  Imagine if you will, three grades we went to and at least 7 different countries represented.  We had pounded yam with egusi soup, Zaka, chocolate chip brownies, macaroni and cheese, banana bread, chips and salsa, cupcakes, maui maui wrapped in banana leaves and some other interesting items.  It was great, but I find it amazing that my children remember Mexico more than the USA.  I know I have mentioned this before, but it still surprises me when Sami tries to tell Mary that she misses the restaurant Subway (which isn't even a restaurant) but she then said that Mary doesn't know about it because it is only in Mexico.  Anyway, I guess with us moving there 5 years ago almost now, it is truly their memories of their earlier years.  There teachers were understanding and thought it was fun they wanted to represent Mexico.  I don't know if I am doing my children an injustice by not forcing them to claim the USA as their own.  I guess in time I will see how their views might change.  
Overall, it was a great morning/afternoon and I am really enjoying experiencing all the different cultures in one small city.  We have the UK, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Canada, USA, Nigeria, Mexico and I might be missing one more.  God is truly not boring and very creative.  But, just for the record.  I still think the USA has cornered the market on all things cheese and chocolate......


  1. We had steak and fondue for my birthday and I thought of you. I think the swiss do chocolate pretty well. Sounds fun and I bet your kids liked it to. Tonight is our fall festival and we are missing you all..

  2. i think it is great that the sami and sarah chose mexico! haha, i live in the us and choose to view myself as "mexican" more often than not and my parents keep reminding me that i am not. oh well, home is where the heart is!