Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gift of Pain

pain is used for several reasons:
1. to remove pride
2. more obedience to God's word
3. opportunities to forgive others
4. compassionate towards others
5. you become a model for others who suffer through pain
6. to depend on God, not others
7. kinship with Christ and his sufferings
8. restore us to correct strength

As a child runs to its mother when hurt; so should we run to our Father when we feel pain.

This was a sermon given to us at church on Sunday, and I wanted to send it out to my friend, and you know who you are, and know that my prayers are there beside you, even though I don't live through what you are living through.


  1. ok you know probably most of us were thinking.....she's talking to me when you really probably weren't. But thats ok. Thanks for posting this.