Wednesday, January 11, 2012

uncovered heart

This photo represents to me our family vacation to NC: (in case you cannot tell what it represents fully, let me share with you) - memories, food, family time, laughter, beach/hiking, card playing, etc... were you able to get all of that from this beach photo? :)

Now, vacation is finished and a new year has begun and with the whirlwind of those days gone by, I realize that I have had a lot of great times, but have missed the heart of daily spending time with God.

First, I realize there is grace upon grace because of Jesus so these thoughts are not full of condemnation as much as a bigger awareness of missing my Lord and Savior. I have been reminded through the Holy Spirit that there is nothing that can replace the intimacy I am allowed to enter through the Scriptures! This heart reminder has given me back balance, love for others, peace, freedom and genuine humility of finding my place once again in the perspective of God's view.

I am thankful for this reminder and often wonder why I am so surprised when I am reminded of how God is the lover of my soul. So, a wonderful family vacation honoring God is good. But, I am excited to once again jump into the land of the other living and give His goodness away.

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