Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a revelation that brought a right peace

Does that title even make sense, really?

Officially, we are moved into our last home (for awhile anyway). The kids are gone spending time with grandparents and John and I are getting away as a couple for a few days at a place called Innkeepers. I am excited to spend some time looking face to face at my husband without the challenge of having purposeful conversations around the children. I am sure a few of you understand and know what I am saying.

We have had a lot of questions asked our way recently wondering if the Lord had brought any clarity to our future. We have been here/home a couple of months and curiousity is peaked, not only from others but from John and I as well. As if it was some exciting adventure that the world deems exciting and adventurous is awaiting us around the "decision" bend. Don't get me wrong anywhere the Lord leads our family will truly be exciting and adventurous. It just might not be the world's definition of "exciting and adventurous". There is a distinction! I don't want to disappoint what others are expecting, right?

As I was working through bible study this morning, I came to a peaceful realization that so much of self (well really all of it) springs: self-justification, self-glorification, self-deception, and self-gratification. BUT, the key is to return my eyes to the Lord. I cannot be overcome by my "self" but what I can do is be overcome every single morning by the Lord and his mercies and moment by moment make choices of obedience, no matter how boring, how mundane, how not exciting they may seem to others and myself.

Just this thought alone, created in my heart a serenity of peace. Maybe I don't have the future planned and as much as I would like to create something exciting to tell people of what the future might hold, I cannot. We just don't know, yet. So, this morning I will obey and live a day that brings God honor, glory and praise. And if at some point, my eyes turn toward "self", I will humbly regain the proper gaze and move forward again and again and again.

I pray you do the same as well. Not for other's sake, but for the glory of the Lord!


  1. Corrie,

    The world, and all of us in it, pale in comparison to God! From that standpoint, don't feel obligated to live up to the world's expectations (or even your own...), but live under God's expectations for your life. It's this sacrifice that is wholly pleasing to Him!

    Expectations ... a rather useless word when applied to people BY people.

    Expectations ... become defining when applied to people BY God.

    I love that you are keeping your eyes focused on Him.

  2. Corrie - this really spoke to me. It's hard for me not to think about the future and its "exciting" possibilities. It's hard to look at today and its mundane, routine, tedious qualities. Thanks for the reminder of what it's all about.