Thursday, April 7, 2011


We have arrived safely in Cincinnati, OH. Leave tomorrow for our FL vacation and traveling time. BUT, it has been so refreshing to be home with Todd and Beth's family for the last couple of days. The kids are playing and we are getting a few things done...

Here are a couple of photos of our kids while in London. We were able to have almost a full day layover there. The kids were excited about the double decker buses and were completely amazed with the driving being done on the opposite side of the road. John and I were amazed how we have been foreigners so long now and yet can still be caught off guard with how to find places in another country. I am guessing that maybe we have become too accustomed to third world cultures that a first world landscape was a challenge... who knows, but it was nice being there, once we figured out our transportation issues.

Just a couple of comments that John and I have heard from our kids (we can only remember these, but I tell you, there have been some funny things we have laughed to ourselves about in regards to our kids transition):
"Look at these pretty lillies, they are everywhere!" - while looking at dandelions in a field.
"Why is the car stopping for us, that is weird." - while crossing a street in London and the cars actually stopped to let us pass.
"Why are there wrappers around each of these straws?" - when picking up a straw for a POP at McDonald's
"This is the best place ever." - coming from John as we entered a Skyline Chili and the first thing he sees is they have placed a HUGE bottle of hand sanitizer on the ledge for people to use as they walk in.....

Again, so many more "WOW" moments, but no memory to record them. We are glad we are home, but I am learning that once again, we find ourselves in transition mode. Maybe the Lord doesn't want us (me) to find security in a location or in a routine, knowing it would take my eyes off of him and onto the location and/or routine. I am not sure, but either way, we are in transition again and will be for the next month, so we continue to grab each moment and make the most of it.


  1. Praying that He continues to keep you restless, dissatisfied and longing to know Him even deeper!

    I can't imagine the degrees of visible culture shock you face. I am such a visual person, so much so that I struggle sometimes remembering that God wants me to focus my EYES on Him first and rely on Him and not what I see!

    I am glad you're back in the states (for now) and hope you'll be making a trip through Burlington at some point! I'd love to see you all! Miss you Cor!

  2. we LOVED John's comment about the hand sanitizer at Skyline! We were remembering how when we first came on our weekend visit and were coming up to your house for dessert and Sami greeted us at the door and looked at Steve and said, "You need to wash your hands first." haha oh how we miss you guys. We think of you often and are continuing to keep you in our prayers as you transition. Have a wonderful relaxing vacation as a family!! we love you guys!

  3. Corrie and John,
    While you are in Cincinnati, we'd love to get together. Home #513-339-0399 cell#513-404-6884 (Tom's)

  4. Haha, I laughed at the sanitizer. Shoot, I should have surprised you guys with a bouquet of dandelions before you remembered that they are weeds.