Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

It has been so long since we have communicated anything. Life has been full.

We have been receiving lots of emails with questions regarding where we are, etc...

We are in NC, after visiting John's mom in FL, after having a family vacation in FL. It has been nice seeing some grandparents.... but sad enough our stay in NC is not long enough to do all that we would want. SO, we will return another time to visit more and get some things done.

We leave this week to go back to OH to get a little unpacking done before John's starts work in the home office. I have to admit, it has been hard to adjust to everything, but I know that God will work through each of us to draw each one of us to Himself more and more with each day.

We are looking forward to seeing each one of you and catching up. Please continue to pray for us and I will become more regular with blogging once we are home and in somewhat of our daily life routine.... (I forget what that looks like).

Have a great Easter! He is risen indeed (for all of us Methodists out there) :)


  1. So glad to hear that Florida and NC were nice. Great pictures! We miss you guys and are continuing to pray for you as you continue to adjust. Enjoy Ohio :).

    Everything here is fine. We thank God. God willing, it will stay that way.

  2. I love that you have been able to have so much family time! I love you guys and hopefully will be able to see you sometime this summer... whether in OH or NC! haha who knows?! :)

  3. Corrie I'd love to see you once you get settled in!

  4. Is that the whole family? Amybe you should use that for the Christmas photo.

  5. We were thinking about doing that Crist... Great idea! Jodi

  6. Corrie! Stateside! Glad your travels were safe, was drawn to check in on you today. If you are down in SC come visit! Hope transitioning into the "real world" works out okay. Continue to blog! I love the ability to check in on people when I have a moment. Taking a break from packing :( we have to leave our beach cottage and are praying for an answer to where we are going (soon). We will be in Charleston area, actual address tbd! Trying to live in real time and depending on God time is a challenge for me!! If I hear/see "be still" one more time this week I may actually be able to accomplish it :) Hope this finds you well, Anna