Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, I realize I made a commitment to blog everyday this week and I have honestly tried; however, our internet is out for a couple of days, so I am currently at a Cyber Cafe trying to write an article for the Back 2 Back magazine (which is not an easy task for me at all) and I have been going through my past blog entries and have cut and pasted a lot of entry comments to help me recreate what is going on with John and I over the last 6 months of living in Nigeria.  Which I cannot believe that I actually live in Africa?????  Yes, I still have those moments and it is a running joke with me and the interns....
But, as I read I cannot help but feel that I have maybe gone backwards over the last few months, spiritually.  Can someone really do that who is honestly in pursuit of the Lord?  I don't know, but I am going to trust that the Lord is going to use me somehow.....
More later, if not tomorrow just know it is the internet thing, okay?
Missing you all and feeling a pit about the interns leaving and our other staff family that has been with us all this summer.   Those PITS continue to come and go..... hmmmmm
God Bless!

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