Sunday, July 26, 2009

anybody out there?

 I know it has been awhile and I am hearing from people that I should at least put something verses nothing.... that way people keep wanting to read.....
Oh, the pressure, so the Vineyard group from Cincinnati left this afternoon and it was so fun having a large group here.  There is something that is energizing about having a group come and want to join in on what is going on over here on this side of the world.
It is also hard for me to imagine that there is only three weeks left of summer.  One transition week (that is this one coming up) and two last weeks of the Northstar Vineyard.  My goal is to blog every single day this week.... we will see....
I have come to really love the interns that have been serving this summer with us, it is weird with a  smaller staff, I feel that the relationships created are more intimate or maybe it is just the whole community relationships are more intimate because that is it, it is us and not lots of others.... either way, it is good.  Intimacy, in and of itself, bears the risk of conflict, but I am learning it is most of the time worth the conflict for the fruit of intimacy.  Hmmmm...
I am not sure where to go with that except it is what it is and I am thankful as I go to bed.
More tomorrow.  I actually learned a lot this week, but am feeling wiped out and will share more tomorrow...
God bless,


  1. Glad to see you are alive and well . . . I was starting to think my computer was stuck on July 3rd and REFRESH wasn't working :>)

    Looking forward to hearing more about what GOD is doing there!

  2. So glad to see that you are back! Really thought that you were super busy and very productive. We keep you and yours in prayer and as always stand in awe at your courage and obedience. . .you set quite an example for the rest of us. . .

  3. I will wait til tomorrow to learn more. I am struggling with being intensional with a few. The few seems inviting to me. God is good as he has carried you though this summer and continues to do so. Still miss you guys. Love you.

  4. Yeh!

    We're here in Anderson IN, just got back from FMCA and then off to Brown City...then Cancun...then Jeff's, then Texas! Where did the summer go? Love to all of you.

    Dad & Eileen

  5. Yeah! You're back--- my devotions begin again. Ha- just kidding. Actually reading a good book - Longing for God - have it? Hey, what can we send to you? Let me know. What are your needs there? SO REFRESHING to hear from you again. No pressure - i know summer is crazy - and with new territory, i know that heightens the busyness quite a bit. Know we love you and think of you daily! Sending prayers--- the Powers' family

  6. Hi. We miss you so much.
    The Hamilton Family