Monday, June 1, 2009

thoughts from the kids

John and I took the interns to these large boulders yesterday to ultimately just keep them awake.  BUT, we handed them some journals for their summer and asked them to write down their initial thoughts....  any distractions they needed to let go of or any expectations that they needed to hand over to the Lord and any just beginning perceptions of this fine country and continent.  But, while I was working with them, John took our kids and told them about the theme of SHELTER and Psalm 91.  He asked them to take their journals and just write down any thoughts or prayers that make them think of shelter or what the summer has for them and our groups, etc...
I did receive permission to write down what they had in their journals.  Now, mind you, it is verbatim, so this is just an inside view into their minds and what they are thinking.  It amazes me the thoughts that truly do run through them:  Just for clarification.... Sami's was completely phonetic so I wrote down the word she was spelling but outside of that, verbatim....

Sarah (our oldest, 10 years old)
1. I want to be nice to family and friends
2. I would like to be a person people trust
3. I want to be a person who cares for others.
4 I wold like to get in the Word more often.
5. I would like to feel like I am part of the ministry.
6. I would like to trust God with the futre, past, and present
7. I would like to stop being picky, mean, cruel and bothersome.
I really feel that I was made for a reason and that I should fulfill that reason.  I am alive today.  So, I guess the question I have for myself is was I made for a very special reason?

Gus (our only boy, 9 years old)
1. I hope we have a great summer
2. that Ramo boys have fun here
3. Hope we can pay for Hillcrest for another year
4. This summer my mom and dad will be able to spend time with us.
5. That Ramos have a safe trip
6. That Emily has her baby safe.
7. Hope friends in Mexico are having fun.
8. Thank you for letting the Ramos come safely.
9. For letting me be in Nigeria with friends and parents.

Samantha (our youngest, 7 years old)
I wish thing were better in life so that I wouldn't be afraid anymore.  and that I can have your shelter.  and I could listen to you because I love you.  and I could be nicer to people.  I really don't mean the things I say about Africa.  and I really like my friends.  and I should always listen to my mother and father.  I love the Boulders here.  I love the beautiful view of the field.  It's so cool and fresh air. and I love it.  and it is so fun here.  I pray if this could ever happen but I pray if all of my whole life I want to always be good.

I hope all of you today find yourself pondering the idea of your summer and the Lord's shelter.  Have a blessed day.
God Bless!


  1. wow!

    What great moments in their lives. It sounds like Sarah is ready for some really active part in the ministry right now! Gus really likes his school and Sami is so aware of who she is, what great gifts.

    Love to you all.


  2. Out of the mouth of babes...

    What incredible hearts. Tell them thanks so much for allowing you to share. They all inspire me to want to have a deeper relationship with Jesus and have faith like a child. I just love your family. Enjoy the first interns and summer teams...and let them love and serve you! Much love - the Powers'

  3. If only I could ALWAYS come to the throne of God with the eyes and heart of a child! And then turn back to this world and live out my child-like faith.

    Tell them 'thank you' for allowing you to share their hearts! I think I will do this with my three very soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Corrie. I loved reading this and of course it brought tears to my eyes! We love you and think of you always. We just packed up the school and now getting ready for the first groups this weekend. Please give the kids my love.

  5. I love the boulders . . . gives new meaning to the LORD IS MY ROCK! Hallelujah!

    HE will carry you through all these transitions and HE WILL be your shelter!

    Pray on dear one!