Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a few things not missed

Just to remind myself that things aren't always as perfect as you remember, I saw a friend's fb page and was quickly reminded of some things I don't miss about living in Nigeria....

1. head wraps
2. no consistent power
3. having to put all clothes on a clothes line, rain or shine (the kids are cute, huh?)
4. traffic that takes the Christ right out of me... (is that bad to say, you understand what I mean, right?)
5. flying bugs that overtake our home as they crawl under the doors and through our windows
6. flat, huge, crab spiders
7. Let's go ahead and end today's list with having to home-make all meals from scratch, every day, three times a day....

I think this is a good list so far. Again, these aren't entirely horrible things, but things that I just don't miss...

The grass isn't alway greener on the other side... A valuable lesson in life!

1 comment:

  1. good reflection (: one day you might miss it... not the bugs though. haha to #4 (yes.)